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Contents may offend the easily offended.

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calm gizmo brain
16 January 1987
Calm Gizmo Brain has a strong affinity for the arts. She is aspiring to be a fanfiction writer, and dreams of publishing an original work someday. Born under the sign of Capricorn, she is already past her teenage years.

She is kind, diffident, irascible, immature, surly, temperamental, and a little socially awkward. At times, she is indifferent, silent, rebellious, difficult, serious, careless, sarcastic, and obsessive. Don't fear, though, for she can also be sweet, lighthearted, obliging, and docile.

Although a loner by nature, she greatly enjoys the company of her friends on the rare occasions that she gets to spend time with them. She can be trusted with deep and dark secrets as she is likely to forget about it in time, anyway.

anime, books, carlton lassiter/shawn spencer, creative writing, csi, fanfiction, fiction, genderbend, girl!draco malfoy, girl!greg sanders, girl!john watson, girl!lance sweets, girl!naruto uzumaki, girl!shawn spencer, harry potter series, harry potter/draco malfoy, harry potter/luna lovegood, het, japanese culture, john casey/chuck bartowski, literature, music, nick stokes/greg sanders, psych, reading, real person slash, romance novels, rps, sasuke uchiha/naruto uzumaki, seeley booth/lance sweets, sherlock holmes/john watson, slash, social networking, south beach diet, timothy omundson