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I am Restless.... =")

I'm not so crazy about the look of my LJ anymore. It's the right theme, but I want there to be some... sparklies on it!

*frustrated sigh*

... a dark background with shining, shimmering, sparkly things?

You are definitely crazy, self.

Waahahahaha!!... This is nice! =")

... I like this!

*unholy grin*



Dear Self...

Lurking isn't really a bad thing.

But when you go and sign up for an internet blog, you have to blog. As in write something, for cryin' out loud!

... Starting now.


Teehee!! :))

.... Back from hiatus, once again. Hahaha!!!

Really. This is getting to be a vicious cycle.


5drunkfics: pick your poison
Author: yukino_fujin
Fandom: Psych
Claim: Shawn Spencer(female)
01.Anger. 02.Choices. 03.Answers. 04.Thought.
05.Desire. 06.Travel. 07.Assignment. 08.Leaving.
09.Caring. 10.Duty. 11.People. 12.Loss.


Back to school!

After almost a year, I've started going to school again. I was feeling a bit apprehensive, actually, as I'll be meeting new people for what seems to be the nth time now. I've always dreaded that, as my social skills suck. With a capital S-U-C-K.

I arrived in the campus with half an hour to spare. I got into the wrong class (I should really ask questions first before I go barging in). When I finally found the right room, there's only three other students inside. Crap. After waiting thirty minutes for the other students to arrive, we found out that there's a Basic Life Support seminar scheduled at 8:00. Our class gets cancelled. Normally, I would've shouted Yay! in my mind. But since I have another class at 10:30, and I was facing two and a half hours of free time with nothing to occupy me... Well, needless to say, I was about ready to die of boredom.

So it was a good thing that I already met someone. Ate Ann was really nice, and interesting to talk to. She also had a class scheduled at 10:30. And so we stayed together at the lobby, talking about anything and everything we could think of. When the time came, we headed for our respective classes.

Thankfully, our professor arrived right on the dot! And, lo and behold, he was one of my favorite professors in my freshman year! Double score! Now I'm sure that each discussion we'll have in the future will be very interesting. I'm looking forward to it now!

Wow! Look at all this! I was going to write some more, but I think I've babbled on long enough. 'sides, I have yet to write two reaction papers and memorize Article 2 Section 1 and Article 3 Section 1 of the Philippine Constitution. Homeworks given to us by my favorite professor.

Gee. This will be one heck of a semester.

... Can't wait. *grins*


Just a thought...

I'm a simple person. I am, and can be, content with what I have. I don't need expensive things, although I admit I have a weakness for gadgets. Still, I'd rather live a simple life than be a burden to anyone.


Just a quick post.

I am so angry right now. I'm supposed to be at church, but instead I'm stuck here at our house, wallowing in anger and depression. Yeah, not being able to attend worship services tends to do that to me. Because if there's one thing I fear most at this point in my life, it's that I'll go back to my... old bad ways, to put it mildly.

I have done a lot of things before that caused me a great deal of heartache and misfortune, and I really don't want to be swayed to that kind of life again. I am trying to stay on the right track here, and missing worship services isn't helping me achieve that.

... Wow. Now I'm feeling slightly better. But I'm still angry, ma! This better not happen again! That's twice in a row now!


So... finally. I am going to post my very first Shassie fic...

OH. EM. GEE!!!

This fic is actually a part of my music meme drabbles. But when I came back to it to do some editing... it became longer. So, no, it's no longer a part of my music meme. I'm never gonna be able to complete and post them, anyway...

Well, here it is! Comment, 'kay? But please, for the love of my sanity, be nice about it. Really tell me what I need to improve on; don't be bashing me for turning Shawn into my alter ego. We each have our own kinks, and mine happens to be genderbending.

Ho--kay then... Enough babbling and on with the fic!

*runs for cover*

Title : If I'm Not In Love With You
Rating : It's okay for the kiddies
Warnings : AU, Genderbend, girl!Shawn, unbetaed, it's also somewhat short... I think that' about it.
Disclaimer : Psych and its characters do not belong to me. USA Network owns them... they can even have Nick if they want. I don't really like him. *throws a banana peel at Nick*